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At 08:38 PM 12/1/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I've got to go with Pete K. on this one.  In our current, cidr-ized world, it
>is simply not possible for an upstream provider to determine what is, or is
>not, a broadcast address in a downstream network.  This is something that
>to be implemented from the edge in, not from the core out.

I agree that it is difficult if not impossible to implement at the core.
One would think that having an extra 30 - 155Mb of traffic on their network
that they're paying to transit to the world would motivate them to take a
look at the edge/customer router(s) that are allowing the broadcast
however.  I would certainly let one of our customers know that it is in
their best interest to either implement the filters/access lists or give us
a map of their subnetting and let us do it for them.

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