Two renumbering questions

John R Levine johnl at
Thu Apr 30 01:58:39 UTC 1998

My ISP is changing upstreams for a variety of reasons around May 18th.

1.  I have a /24 SWIPed to me,  The ARIN listing doesn't say
it's non-portable, so can I take it with me?  And if I do, how likely is it
that the new ISP's announcement will get installed in backbone routers
rather than filtered for being too long?  It's right in the middle of the old
upstream's block 205.238.192/18. 

2.  Assuming I have to renumber, I have a whole bunch of virtual domains all
DNS served from one server in the renumbered space called 
(There's other servers elsewhere that won't get renumbered.) If I tell the
Internic that ivan's host number has changed, will that update all the
domains served from it? 


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