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Michael Dillon michael at
Sun Apr 26 22:35:33 UTC 1998

On Fri, 24 Apr 1998, Stephen wrote:

> The more correct solution would be for ARIN to move to a RIPE-ish whois
> server.
> Then again, why should ARIN use industry standard, public domain
> software, when they can use NSI's proprietary system?  

Probably because the database would need to be converted and the ARIN
staff have their hands full already with starting up a new organization
and a new network in new offices. 

> Too bad NSI and
> now ARIN don't want to play nice with the other children.

If you make a good case for ARIN adopting the RIPE software and database
format then I'll present it to the rest of the Advisory Council. So tell
me, what are the pros and what are the cons of switching to the RIPE
format? How much lead time will network operators need to make sure
automated systems don't break?

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