Network Operators and smurf

Dean Anderson dean at
Fri Apr 24 21:51:06 UTC 1998

At 5:03 PM -0400 4/24/98, Jay R. Ashworth wrote:
>> The problem is us.  This isn't a research network run and maintained by
>> the knowledgable.  This is a business.  We're selling a product, and if we
>> expect it to operate as advertised, it's up to us to educate those we sell
>> it to.
>The problem isn't us.  It's cicso, and Bay, and Ascend, and... everyone
>who won't put an anti-forging filter on their border routers so we
>_can_ turn it on.  The first time someone co-sues cisco, it'll get
>fixed with 30 days.

They put the software in. "We" just won't turn them on.  We have seen the
enemy and they is us.


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