Traffic Engineering (fwd)

John W Stewart III jstewart at
Thu Sep 18 21:36:03 UTC 1997

>This isn't quite correct (though it's peripheral to your main
>argument).  An EBGP speaker is free to advertise routes containing
>9999 to 9999.  Furthermore, 9999 is free to accept routes containing
>9999.  Whether 9999 chooses to do this or not is, as the saying
>goes, "purely a local matter."  Likewise whether 9999's peers choose
>to refrain from sending such routes.
>Some BGP implementations, gated for one, may be configured to accept
>routes with the router's own AS number in the path.  Loop suppression
>is still provided by limiting the number of times it may appear.
>(Hi, Dennis.)
>This is actually useful in some circumstances.

serious question:  what circumstances?


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