Traffic Engineering (fwd)

Sean M. Doran smd at
Thu Sep 18 21:26:30 UTC 1997

"John G. Scudder" <jgs at> writes:

> Whether 9999 chooses to do this or not is, as the saying
> goes, "purely a local matter." 

Figures.  As with essentially everything in BGP.

> Some BGP implementations, gated for one, may be configured to accept
> routes with the router's own AS number in the path.  Loop suppression
> is still provided by limiting the number of times it may appear.
> (Hi, Dennis.)

Oh yeah, the AS healing wars.

I didn't realize gated ever implemented this; I do
remember the first time AS path prepending met gated,
though, and a certain Russian and a certain Swede plotting
to build Sprintlink's backbone on top of ANS's using AS
healing. --:)

> This is actually useful in some circumstances.

Oh certainly.  I can think of three applications right
now, actually, where that would be the easiest (but
probably also the most dangerous) approach to solving
routing awkwardnesses.

I take it this feature is documented in the usual place?


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