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Greg Shepherd gshepher at
Mon Sep 15 16:05:47 UTC 1997

At 2:28 PM +0100 9/15/97, Adrian Bool wrote:
>On Mon 15 Sep, Susan R. Harris wrote:
>> > Photons propagate at 0.65c in fibre - the exact speed does vary
>> > depending on whether its single or multimode fibre.
>> Hi Geoff - not to reveal my ignorance or anything, but ... is that 65
>> degrees celcius?
>65% the speed of light in a vacuum ?
>> > The equivalent EMR propagation speed in coppr is 0.75c
>> What is EMR?
>Electo-Magnetic Radiation.  Electrons don't count as EMR do they though,
>(hell they have a mass!)  so data in the form we transmit it down
>copper won't move at this speed will it?

True, electrons have mass, but we are not 'transmitting' electrons. We are
oscilating the electrons in the media. This oscilation creats EM energy
which propogates down the media, in the form of photos, and will propogate
at some percentage of c depending upon the media.


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