ATM (was Re: too many routes)

Adrian Bool aid at
Mon Sep 15 13:28:49 UTC 1997

On Mon 15 Sep, Susan R. Harris wrote:
> > Photons propagate at 0.65c in fibre - the exact speed does vary
> > depending on whether its single or multimode fibre.  
> Hi Geoff - not to reveal my ignorance or anything, but ... is that 65
> degrees celcius? 

65% the speed of light in a vacuum ?

> > The equivalent EMR propagation speed in coppr is 0.75c
> What is EMR?

Electo-Magnetic Radiation.  Electrons don't count as EMR do they though,
(hell they have a mass!)  so data in the form we transmit it down
copper won't move at this speed will it?


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