ATM (was Re: too many routes)

Sean M. Doran smd at
Sun Sep 14 17:14:19 UTC 1997

Steve Goldstein <sgoldste at> writes:

> At 9:37 PM -0400 9/11/97, Richard Irving wrote:
> ...
> >Now, the North American Continent is about a 4000 mile trip .... This is
> >a VERY ROUGH estimate.
> DARN!  And here United has been crediting me with just 24xx Frequent Flier
> miles for the trip.  I wanna recount!

He did say "the North American Continent", and it does get
slightly wider farther north.  (The Trans-Canada Highway,
for example, is 7600 km long, or 4720 or so miles).  North
America is also very long north-to-south.
gives a decent view of the continent.

Don't let your mind be as narrow as the "contiguous" parts
of your country. :-)


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