ATM (was Re: too many routes)

Paul Traina pst at
Sun Sep 14 20:57:33 UTC 1997

Excuse me, but just as most people don't count the length of their
toenails when figuring out how tall they are,  most people only
would count only the important bits of America.

Your continuious anti-american [sic] sentiment is clearly caused
by your inferiority complex due to being born in a boil on the ass
of the United States.




  From: "Sean M. Doran" <smd at>
  Subject: Re: ATM (was Re: too many routes)
  Steve Goldstein <sgoldste at> writes:
  > At 9:37 PM -0400 9/11/97, Richard Irving wrote:
  > ...
  > >Now, the North American Continent is about a 4000 mile trip .... This is
  > >a VERY ROUGH estimate.
  > DARN!  And here United has been crediting me with just 24xx Frequent Flier
  > miles for the trip.  I wanna recount!
  He did say "the North American Continent", and it does get
  slightly wider farther north.  (The Trans-Canada Highway,
  for example, is 7600 km long, or 4720 or so miles).  North
  America is also very long north-to-south.
  gives a decent view of the continent.
  Don't let your mind be as narrow as the "contiguous" parts
  of your country. :-)

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