too many routes

Chris A. Icide chris at
Thu Sep 11 15:04:48 UTC 1997

>  L2 switches are available today that reliably receive OC-12 SONET
>  circuits.
>  These can be disaggregated into OC3 ATM pipes that can be fed into
>  many routers with proven technology and reliability.  Granted, the
>  disproportionality of the edge ckts to the backbone ckts provides
>  for interesting flow aggregation dynamics, but it does work.
>  Your disdain for ATM does not stop its existence and use by the
>  larger NSPs.

Just think, there are people out there "throwing away" an oc-3 worth of
bandwidth to IP over ATM overhead.  Must be nice to live in a world of
capitalization where one could do such a thing.  We use ATM for two 
reasons, 1)  it's still significantly cheaper than long-haul circuits of the
same capacity, 2) it provides some interesting abilites that are only
now beginning to show up in the mainstream IP hardware.

-- additional commentary by yours truly removed by BS filter --

- Chris 

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