too many routes

Peter Lothberg roll at Stupi.SE
Thu Sep 11 04:56:42 UTC 1997

> Nathan Stratton <nathan at> writes:
> > This is what I beleave sprint is doing. They are using the new Cisco 12000
> > GSR with external router servers. It is a smart way of patching the
> > problem. If you need more CPU or memory you can just add a bigger box and
> > more RAM. 
> The GSRs are to move bits fast.  They are not to act as
> route servers.
> Sprint recently announced that they are deploying 622Mbps
> POS cross-country links, and the GSRs are the only things
> you can put on the ends of such beasts that are available
> today. 
> (Someone may point out that it may not be the only choice
> for very long, however, it's the only one whose design I
> know and have had any influence upon, and is therefore
> frankly the only one I trust, although I don't expect the
> people building the competing box will ship anything but a
> good product even if they are now rather deeply in bed
> with the cell-heads and about as transparent to most
> observers as the Kremlin during the cold war... 

Well, Ericsson did spend around $1,250Mil trying to develop their own 
ATM switch as part of ther AXE family. A total fiasko..


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