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Wed Sep 10 02:34:40 UTC 1997

The routes issue historically comes down to the fact that Sprint did not
want to convert from Cisco 4000 to Ciscos that had larger memory capacity.
Memory is cheap these days ... the big boys just don't wish to have a
free market.

Deny /19s and or a transition to IPNG then deny Peering to keep the market
from being open.

Hey folks, it is not closed. Keep the faith and let the big boy bleed market
share. I would hope that ARIN, RIPE, and APNIC would have the guts to keep
giving routable blocks to new contenders.

Please people, we must stop abstructions to keep the market open and
--- On Wed, 10 Sep 1997 08:54:08 +-200  Jan Novak <jan.novak at> wrote:

> How much of the routing space is filled with networks smaller than /19 that
> are part of an ASN that has enough other smaller networks to renumber into
> a single /19.
> I'm wondering if the policies are not being counter productive due to the
> apparently opposing nature of IP space vs route space (e.g. the one where
> people have to take more IP space to be routed, because of route filters,
> because of too many routes, because IP space is so fragmented, because IP
> space needs to be conserved, because everyone needs to get more IP space,
> becayse of route filtering, because of so many routes, because ...).
> I was given some other mailing lists for dealing with those issues by someone.
> I'll be subscribing there.
> In the mean time, especially to help put topics on the correct mailing list
> (if on-topic posts are to be another goal) can someone post an informatory
> posting that lists ALL the mailing lists (preferrably with a brief summary
> of topic/purpose) that would be of interest to ALL the aspects of network
> provider business and operation?
> Or is this listed on a web page?  If not, I'll offer to host just such a
> web page if I can get a pretty much complete list (I'll even write HTML to
> get it going).  But I'm sure most everyone here has some access to some
> web space somewhere.
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If the Internet stumbles, it will not be because we lack for technology,
vision, or motivation. It will be because we cannot set a direction
and march collectively into the future.

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