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Nathan Stratton nathan at
Wed Sep 10 09:58:16 UTC 1997

On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, Joseph T. Klein wrote:

> The routes issue historically comes down to the fact that Sprint did not
> want to convert from Cisco 4000 to Ciscos that had larger memory capacity.
> Memory is cheap these days ... the big boys just don't wish to have a
> free market.

I do not think sprint had 4000s in their backbone, they had AGS+ routers.
The problem is not the lack of memory, but that the CPU can not process
all the date in the memory when it needs to. The cisco 7500 have that
same prob, sure you can put 256 megs of RAM in them, but can the CPU
recalculate the next hop if most of that date in that RAM changes?
The new RSP4 card may have solved that, we may be at a point now where the
router has enough processor to be able to process all the data it has
stored in memory and do it quickly. 

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