uunet + ans == ??

Josh Beck jbeck at connectnet.com
Tue Sep 9 15:27:17 UTC 1997

> Those are really interesting numbers. When you say
> "destination AS", are you counting that as "next hop" or 
> "last hop"?  I think the 40% number for 701 is counting
> "all that is reached by 701", i.e. "next hop" as opposed 
> to that which is just within 701 i.e. "last hop"

I mean last hop by that. The next hop numbers depend entirely on who else
we are connected to and our routing policy (which, incidentally, is to not
transit anything over uunet that we don't have to because they are _so_
slow these days).

> I'd be interested, though probably not in this forum, to
> hear what others have measured using these two different
> techniques, as it helps us plan our networks better.

check out the cflowd data exporter thing (I can't remember the specifics
of it, because we only ran it a short while do to a bug in the
experimental IOS release)... it breaks down outbound traffic by
destination AS and exports the data, so you can see who you should buy
your next connection to, etc.

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