uunet + ans == ??

Scott Huddle huddle at mci.net
Tue Sep 9 13:15:12 UTC 1997


Those are really interesting numbers. When you say
"destination AS", are you counting that as "next hop" or 
"last hop"?  I think the 40% number for 701 is counting
"all that is reached by 701", i.e. "next hop" as opposed 
to that which is just within 701 i.e. "last hop"

I'd be interested, though probably not in this forum, to
hear what others have measured using these two different
techniques, as it helps us plan our networks better.


At 04:32 PM 9/8/97 -0700, Josh Beck wrote:
>> As a Web services provider we are already seeing AS701 as the
>> biggest consumer of our customer contents. Anyone care to share
>> their view of how the big boys rank in terms of traffic? IMHO
>> this does have just a tad bit more relevance to operations that
>> the original thread :-)
>sure, AS701 may do the most traffic, but when the most traffic is ~7%,
>that's hardly an anti-trust suit waiting to happen. Even MCI, UUnet,
>Sprint and Cerfnet (our four largest dest. ASes) combined are barely 25%
>of all traffic...
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