uunet + ans == ??

Sanjay Dani sanjay at professionals.com
Tue Sep 9 06:59:07 UTC 1997

Josh Beck wrote:
> > As a Web services provider we are already seeing AS701 as the
> > biggest consumer of our customer contents. Anyone care to share

> sure, AS701 may do the most traffic, but when the most traffic is ~7%,

We obviously have different applications. More than half our hosting
clients are overseas businesses, most our traffic is outbound, and
40% of content consumers look like they are behind uunet. Our traffic
is perhaps less localized, and more of it exchanged with a fewer number
larger, global providers, compared with yours.  Naturally it is a cause
for concern when most content consumers are moving behind one provider.

I apologize for perpetuating this increasingly irrelevant thread on
this list. Will stop here. Thanks all for the private and public
feedback. I now realize that many providers are bound by non-disclosures
to not share their traffic distribution. And our traffic distribution
may be more unusual due to the specialized business we are in than
I had thought.


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