boardwatch magazine -- hotbed of spammers? irresponsible jerks?

Tim Gibson tim at
Thu Mar 27 18:15:24 UTC 1997

Mr. Vixie,
	Sorry you are spam magnet, but I like to read BoardWatch while 
taking a dump... been reading for years. TAKE their free copy, push them 
that 1 issue closer to bankruptcy. 

	I pick option 5, after the full issue of BoardWatch dedicated to 
anti-spam. They are hipocrits <sp> with maybe Mr. Dixon's superiours 
possessing some of 2 and 4 combined due to the lack of training they 
provided him. 1 is too harsh and 3 can't comment on without further 
screen garbage coming across.

							Tim Gibson

On Thu, 27 Mar 1997, Paul A Vixie wrote:

> miserable scumsucking morons from hell?
> completely unclear on the concept?
> unaware of what NANOG is?
> unaware of what the Internet is?
> you decide.  see below.
> for the record, mr. david dixon, i did NOT ask you for any information,
> i am NOT an internet service provider, i do NOT allow this kind of trash
> in my inbox, and your name is now MUD in most of known space.  good job.
> see for background material.

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