boardwatch magazine -- hotbed of spammers? irresponsible jerks?

Paul A Vixie paul at
Thu Mar 27 17:37:17 UTC 1997

miserable scumsucking morons from hell?
completely unclear on the concept?
unaware of what NANOG is?
unaware of what the Internet is?

you decide.  see below.

for the record, mr. david dixon, i did NOT ask you for any information,
i am NOT an internet service provider, i do NOT allow this kind of trash
in my inbox, and your name is now MUD in most of known space.  good job.

see for background material.

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Dear Paul

 Thank you for your interest in the NANOG9 conference. While attending the                 
 conference we hoped that you received and enjoyed your Fall issue of                      
 Boardwatch Magazine's Directory of Internet Service Providers. We have                    
 recently completed the March/April issue and want to send you a                           
 complimentary issue and subsequent issues. We currently do not have the                   
 correct mailing address to send this issue.                                               
 Please fill in the information below and return email me so that we may                   
 send it out to you as soon as possible.                                                   
 Street address                                                                            
 Zip Code                                                                                  
 Thanks and if you need any other information from Boardwatch don't hesitate               
 to call me at (800)933-6038.                                                              
 David Dixon                                                                               
 Circulation Manager                                                                       

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