Domain Rant.

Perry E. Metzger perry at
Fri Mar 21 17:07:54 UTC 1997

Karl Denninger writes:
> No it doesn't.
> If you register with someone, pay them, and they claim never to have
> received payment you're just as screwed.

No, you aren't. Today, if someone does that, you are stuck. In the new
model, you will be able to switch to another registrar. Competition,
you know.

> What is it that you dislike about eDNS Paul?

I think its what most people don't like about eDNS -- they think that
someone who's "DNS" is visible to way under a percent of the net and
who claims authority based on self-appointment isn't to be taken

I mean, I'm sure that some people take the eDNS seriously, but then
again, some people take sales of the Brooklyn Bridge seriously...

Speaking for myself, and not for the IAHC in an official capacity

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