Domain Rant.

Dave Crocker dcrocker at
Fri Mar 21 04:39:43 UTC 1997

At 8:06 PM -0800 3/20/97, Michael Dillon wrote:
>My understanding is that the precise protocol used to register a new name
>has not been frozen yet. This issue can be addressed if CORE requires a
>non-repudiable transaction from a registrar in order to register a domain
>or to update its payment status.
>And even if the IAHC were so foolish as to not consider this possibility
>they certainly did create a Policy Oversight Committee that can change
>procedures at any time.

	The choice of data base technology for the shared repsoitories will
be the choice of CORE, i.e., the registrars themselves.  I believe it is a
matter strictly of operational issues, rather than policy.  I suppose one
could imagine some bizarre decision by CORE which challenges policy issues,
but I doubt it.

	Rick Wesson has organized a BOF for the Memphis IETF, to consider
requirements and technical issues, all of which are intended to jump-start
the background work for CORE.


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