Domain Rant.

Karl Denninger karl at Mcs.Net
Fri Mar 21 04:57:01 UTC 1997

On Thu, Mar 20, 1997 at 07:39:14PM -0800, Vadim Antonov wrote:
> So far, that sounds like nice basis for a class action lawsuit.
> Imagine a land title company throwing away records just because they
> lost a payment receipt.  That's what InterNIC is doing.
> My experience with InterNIC was that i managed to get hold of
> actual person, and got assurances that everything's ok.  Then
> i see nothing happened in the database, so i call again, and they
> tell the information "is not there yet".  Now, i go to the automatic
> system and make a card payment -- the system gives back authorization
> code, etc.  Guess what.  It still says the domain registration is not paid.
> I think it is time ISPs take the matter in their hands.  I.e. let ISPs
> to perform registrations.  Root serer operators can ensure uniqueness
> just fine.
> --vadim

You just described eDNS.

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