Jim Browning jfbb at
Sun Mar 9 19:22:18 UTC 1997

The measurement techniques described thus far focus on performance within 
the bounds of a single network.  While this is of course a challenge, what 
about efforts to measure performance _across_ networks?  I'm not talking 
about NAP packet loss here, but a true measure of expected customer 
satisfaction.  Most customers do not particularly care why they can't 
download the latest MSIE/Navigator release quickly, and getting traffic to 
and through other networks is of equal importance.  Network rating systems 
are starting to emerge, and I think NANOG should participate in their 
Jim Browning

From:  Randy Bush[SMTP:randy at]
Sent:  Saturday, March 08, 1997 8:35 PM
To:  nanog at
Subject:  Re: measurement

I promised to summarize responses to my query

> So who actually measures their network performance and how?

As most responses were private, I have removed attribution.  Thanks to all
constructive respondees.

I have proposed a survey panel for the next NANOG if we do not exhaust the
subject beforehand.


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