Randy Bush randy at
Sun Mar 9 22:06:00 UTC 1997

> The measurement techniques described thus far focus on performance within 
> the bounds of a single network.  While this is of course a challenge, what 
> about efforts to measure performance _across_ networks?  I'm not talking 
> about NAP packet loss here, but a true measure of expected customer 
> satisfaction.

Expectations of customer satisfaction are aleph nul or likely aleph one.

Measurement of end user delivery are being done rather ad hack (hit the web
site and see how high it bounces) by the folk at Intel, see

    Network Working Group                      J. Sedayao, Intel Corporation
					   C. Bickerstaff, Intel Corporation
    Internet Draft
    Expiration Date: May 1997                                  November 1996

     Simple End to End Metrics and Methods for Monitoring and Measuring IP
			      Provider Performance

The IPPM WG is trying to work upward from a sound theoretical base.  See the
other IPPM drafts and mailing list archives.


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