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Brett L. Hawn blh at
Sun Mar 9 18:19:52 UTC 1997

On Sun, 9 Mar 1997, Alec H. Peterson wrote:

> No, but by the same token, you do not own your IP addresses, you
> simply have the right to use them.  You never signed anything that
> said you _do_ have unlimited rights to them, so by your logic the NIC
> (or IANA) is completely within its rights to take away said IP address
> and re-assign them to somebody who will actually use them.

Ok, I'm leasing it, consider my 'sale' of such as sublease, if I'm paying
money for it (which indeed I am with ARIN) then I certainly have some
rights. Add to which (and god how I hate sounding like flemming or denniger
here but..) who voted them to be the end all be all of IP allocations? I
could, if I so desired, right now, pull out of my ass and start
routing it, and the nic/arin/IANA couldn't do squat about it. Core router
operators could, but thats a whole different discussion.

> Paper is a renewable resource; IP addresses are _definitely_ not in
> this category.

BUt you just said they were via recylcin unused space, so which is it?

> Granted the InterNIC is not the end all and be all of IP address
> allocation, but the point is that _somebody_ is almost certainly going
> to have something to say about the auctioning of IP addresses.  

Oh, I don't doubt for a moment they'll have something to say about it, I'm
just debating on if their comments will be of any value as such. Its no less
than what they're doing (though they do provide some halfassed database
management to kee the records straight) but they're
selling/leasing/auctioning space as welll, even if it is under the guise of
our own best interests.

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