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Sun Mar 9 18:34:18 UTC 1997

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On Mar 9, 1997, Brett L. Hawn wrote:
> Ok, I'm leasing it, consider my 'sale' of such as sublease, if I'm
> paying money for it (which indeed I am with ARIN) then I certainly
> have some rights.

No, that is _not_ what paying ARIN gives you rights to.  All you pay
ARIN for is the registration service, not for the addresses themselves
(be it a lease or a sale).  

> Add to which (and god how I hate sounding like flemming or denniger
> here but..) who voted them to be the end all be all of IP
> allocations? 

Please don't go there, that's a whole can of worms that has already
been discussed many times.

> I could, if I so desired, right now, pull
> out of my ass and start routing it, and the
> nic/arin/IANA couldn't do squat about it. Core router operators
> could, but thats a whole different discussion.

There is nothing they can _directly_ do about it, however there is a
substantial amount that they can do indirectly.  At any rate, this is
not relavent in the sale of IP addresses (which is the discussion at

> BUt you just said they were via recylcin unused space, so which is
> it?

There is a big difference between a 'recycable' resource and a
'renewable' one.

> Oh, I don't doubt for a moment they'll have something to say about
> it, I'm just debating on if their comments will be of any value as
> such. 

History has shown that they will be.

> Its no less than what they're doing (though they do provide
> some halfassed database management to kee the records straight) but
> they're selling/leasing/auctioning space as welll, even if it is
> under the guise of our own best interests.

Look, this has all been gone over many times, and really is not all
that relavent to the discussion at hand.  The point is that it is one
cannot very well sell something that one does not own.  Well, said
person can try to sell it, but the person who buys it might end up
being disappointed when he/she cannot justify the space to the
InterNIC/ARIN and has it revoked.


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