Firewall in Routers??

Glynn Stanton glynn at
Wed Mar 5 23:05:01 UTC 1997

Sadly the amount of traffic saying "this isnt on topic" 
is greater than the amount of traffic caused by the thread.

Even more sadly, if you discuss routers on the firewall list.. 
you get another group of blinkered "firewall experts" who whine
about it not being on topic.

The problem comes when you have a design that requires you to tread the
fine line between buying a router with firewalling capabilities and
buying a firewall with routing capabilities.
The router gurus refer you to a security expert....
The security expert says "whats BGP ? OSPF?... I dont deal with layer 3"

Motto: a blinkered view will only portray a narrow picture.


Glynn Stanton

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