Firewall in Routers??

dave o'leary doleary at
Wed Mar 5 18:43:42 UTC 1997

Thanks for the info, Robert.

And now back to your irregularly scheduled unrelated threads....


At 18:12 -0000 3/5/97, Robert Laughlin wrote:
>On Wed, 5 Mar 1997, dave o'leary wrote:
>> What was the title of the seminar you were attending and who was the
>> speaker?  Was this something on a slide or just something that the speaker
>> said?
>> We'll try to sort out which mkting person was out running amok
>> and fix the presentation (and most likely the speaker).
>> thanks,
>> 						dave
>The seminar was called "Building a Global Corporate Intranet". As far as I
>can tell this same seminar is on the road being presented all over the
>country.  The reference to the 7500 routers is on the slides. To the best
>of my recollection, the speaker never refered to the routers by model
>number. I attended the presentation at Tyson's Corner.  There were about
>400 persons at the seminar. The publication number of the handout
>containing the slides is:  0563_02F7 / 843601-01
>Your welcome,
>Robert Laughlin
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