Network IP analysis?

nicholas harteau panic at
Wed Jun 25 22:41:57 UTC 1997

Iain Lea's (author of tin?) router-stats package does just that, if i
remember.  although it's output isn't half as pretty as mrtg's.

> MRTG is a great graphing tool for small applications.  Unfortunately 
> the package does not scale very well for my purposes.  The snmp polling
> and data storage in the logfiles are areas that I have problems with
> using MRTG.  Are there any other viable alternatives to MRTG, or are
> there any existing mods to mrtg that graph right out of a file rather
> than polling for itself?   I already have the data I need and would 
> like to reuse it.  If possible I would like to have a package that
> is separated into 3 sections.  One section can be called upon to
> do polling or gathering data out of a repository.  The second can
> be called upon to do statistics runs.  The 3rd can be called to provide
> graphs on demand.
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> > MRTG is a great tool that we use a lot - especially good if you want to offer traffic monitoring to customers. MRTG can get the stats from the customers port and display that as a GIF on your web server, accessed using the customers ID and password. Stops>  all those calls from customers asking if their access lines are overloaded...

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