Network IP analysis?

Ron Buchalski rbuchals at
Wed Jun 25 12:14:19 UTC 1997

>Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 20:49:05 -0800 (AKDT)
>From: Bruce Potter <gdead at>
>To: nanog at
>Subject: Network IP analysis?
>Does anyone know of any good IP monitoring tools that can log/monitor 
>TYPES of IP traffic going across your netowork (ie: one that logs 
tcp/udp and
>esp port numbers/types of traffic)?  Something that could query a 
>would be nice, although I am unaware of any routers that support such a 
>Even something that you could put on a box on the same ethernet subnet 
>do the job.  I'm curious as to the types of traffic our customers are 
>as I am attempting to better analyze our usage.

If you're using Cisco routers you can turn on Netflow switching.  For 
more info on what Netflow can do, check out:


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