Network IP analysis?

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Wed Jun 25 13:33:13 UTC 1997

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> Subject: Re: Network IP analysis?
> MRTG is a great graphing tool for small applications.  Unfortunately 
> the package does not scale very well for my purposes.  The snmp polling
> and data storage in the logfiles are areas that I have problems with
> using MRTG.  Are there any other viable alternatives to MRTG, or are
> there any existing mods to mrtg that graph right out of a file rather
> than polling for itself?   I already have the data I need and would 
> like to reuse it.  If possible I would like to have a package that
> is separated into 3 sections.  One section can be called upon to
> do polling or gathering data out of a repository.  The second can
> be called upon to do statistics runs.  The 3rd can be called to provide
> graphs on demand.

if you have the time and interest, you are welcome to help bringing mrtg-3.0
into the real world ... all the plans for it are here, but unfortunately
progress is slow because of resource problems (time or money) 

The main features planned for mrtg 3.0:

* Ultra Fast Logfile Handling
* Modular desing with separate processes for data gathering data logging and
  data presentation ...

I have written a paper about what is intended. Check

If you have comments, time or money to help getting it done, please let me
know ... 

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