Internet outages

Cary Howell chowell at
Mon Jun 16 01:34:44 UTC 1997

On Sun, 15 Jun 1997, Joseph C. Pistritto wrote:

> This really depends on how important you are to your provider as well.
> We're a fairly large customer for at least one of our ISPs, so they tend to
> tell us about things as they happen (we also have a "bottom line"
> requirement here to be up, so we active reroute traffic from one ISP to
> another as things happen).  
> In reality, it's T3 customers and up that get this kind of service, and
> then only be special arrangement.

Horse-pucky!  Every ISP should be keeping their customers informed on
network troubles and outages.  We have an outage mailing list that any
customer; at any speed can receive network trouble reports that come
directly from our engineering staff or any of our upline providers.

If you're a business and need 'business class' service and you're not
being informed of outages -- get a new provider.

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