Internet outages

Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Sun Jun 15 21:32:27 UTC 1997

>Come on folk.  The useful, as opposed to ISP-bashing, answers are:
>  o All ISPs have an outage mailing list.  Ask your ISP to get on theirs.

I agree.  Tell your ISP you want an outage mailing list, and you would
like it if the ISP actually posted outage information to that list.  I
got back on the Sprint list, my subscription having vanished, and Sprint
list has improved a lot.  CNN and still seem to
"scoop" most providers though.

>  o For overall info, Stan Barber is running an outage mailing list.

I just checked my subscription, and I think I'm still subscribed to it.
But I haven't seen anything posted on outage-discuss at since
last year.  The last thing I remember was a brief announcement of
Craig's Inter-Provider Notification web pages.  The outage list hosted
by seems to have more traffic, although a lot of it obviously
involves IRC servers.

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