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Wed Jun 11 23:20:15 UTC 1997

Any word on whether Postel or the IANA is making anything off of the 
commercial registrars actions?


On Wed, 11 Jun 1997, Daniel Senie wrote:

> I haven't received anything from them lately, but I am the registrar for
>, my town. I don't have any intention of charging anyone
> anything for delegations (provided they are indeed in the town), but these
> folks are trying to sell delegations from the US domain. So far, they've
> effectively registered themselves with the US domain registrar for all town
> names in the USA which were not already covered by others, and are charging
> for the right to have a delegation below a town name.
> If they come to me looking to sub-delegate, my fee for them to pay me will
> be something like $150 plus time and expenses. For town folks, its free. I
> sent a note to ISI indicating my displeasure with the whole thing. I was a
> little surprised that ISI let them register thousands of domains.
> At 12:31 PM 6/11/97 -0700, Eric Kozowski wrote:
> >
> >I just received a fishy call from a guy a  Bottom line is they
> want
> >to bill for .US domain registrations and give us a kickback for the .US    
> >subdomains that we host.
> >
> >What do any of you know about this group?       
> >
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