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I haven't received anything from them lately, but I am the registrar for, my town. I don't have any intention of charging anyone
anything for delegations (provided they are indeed in the town), but these
folks are trying to sell delegations from the US domain. So far, they've
effectively registered themselves with the US domain registrar for all town
names in the USA which were not already covered by others, and are charging
for the right to have a delegation below a town name.

If they come to me looking to sub-delegate, my fee for them to pay me will
be something like $150 plus time and expenses. For town folks, its free. I
sent a note to ISI indicating my displeasure with the whole thing. I was a
little surprised that ISI let them register thousands of domains.

At 12:31 PM 6/11/97 -0700, Eric Kozowski wrote:
>I just received a fishy call from a guy a  Bottom line is they
>to bill for .US domain registrations and give us a kickback for the .US    
>subdomains that we host.
>What do any of you know about this group?       
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