BGP Routing problem

Jun Wu (John) jun at
Fri Jun 6 14:22:56 UTC 1997

===== Alan Barrett previously wrote: ====
> That's independent of the issue I am talking about, which is that the BGP
> sesson between AS3741 and AS6180 had been shut down for several hours, the
> route in question was no longer present in AS3741, but the route still
> appeared (with path "1673 1239 4005 3741 6180") at DIGEX's MAE-East
> looking glass.  The route should have been withdrawn completely from the
> entire Internet when the BGP session between AS6180 and AS3741 was shut
> down, but the route was not properly withdrawn.  DIGEX should not have
> seen any trace of the route (except perhaps a history entry for flap
> damping purposes).

It would not hurt to check a few other looking glasses. Such as,  or

to see if the path is really there. We have found out that some of these
looking glasses sometimes keep the routes much longer,  at one time
several hours after we see routes disppeared in our routers.

Just one observation.


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