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The gist of the original question was in a multihomed environment.  Which
provider do I get my space from?  Assuming the one I don't use address
space from won't announce my routes, why bother?

At 12:43 AM 6/5/97 -0400, Nathan Stratton wrote:
>On Wed, 4 Jun 1997, Eric Germann wrote:
>> Isn't the biggest problem with PI space having a big enough network so
>> Sprint and everyone else doesn't filter you?  Specifically a /19 or larger
>> (~ 8000 addresses)?  Can you justify to them 32 Class C's so you can be
>> seen everywhere?  I know of another startup provider who had this problem.
>> Its a chicken and egg scenario.  They needed to sell connectivity, but
>> couldn't reach portions of the net, specifically Sprint.  Kind of kills
>> your marketing when you can't get to the entire 'Net.  How do others deal
>> with this scenario in a startup environment, or even an established
>> environment where you can't justify 8000 addresses yet?
>Renumber a lot. It is hard for the Internic to hand out /19 when most of
>the new providers will be out of business in 6 months. The only way to do
>it is to get space from your ISP and then renumber if you move. After you
>do that a few times if you do it will, you will be able to get a /19 and
>then /18 and so on. 
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