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Michael Dillon michael at memra.com
Sun Jun 8 17:46:49 UTC 1997

On Wed, 4 Jun 1997, Robert A. Pickering Jr. wrote:

> means diagrams, and that means I have to ship them some drawing format.
> What do they use?

You can be certain that everybody can accept diagrams via fax or in a GIF
file, preferably delivered by emailling a URL.

> I want to make sure that I'm somewhat successful in securing some reasonable
> amount of IP space from the NIC, and would like some advice from people
> who have gone through this process.

You can't give them too much information. Make sure you apply far enough
in advance that you have time to answer any questions that arise. Read
RFC2050 http://www.internic.net/rfc/rfc2050.txt and the Internic policy
guidelines at ftp://rs.internic.net/policy/internic/internic-ip-1.txt

The application template is at

If you feel that some of the information the Internic requires is
confidential and are reluctant to disclose it, there is an NDA that the
Internic will sign. You can get a copy of the actual NDA at
You sign two copies and courier it to them, they sign them and send one
copy back to you.

If there are still some parts of the policies or reequirements that are
confusing, go to http://www.arin.net and read through the stuff in the
Recommended Reading section. 

And if you do not meet the requirements for an IP netblock, be aware that
the single biggest reason why this cannot be changed at this point in time
is because the White House Interagency Task Force is stalling on letting
an industry run consortium (ARIN) take over the task of managing North
America's IPv4 address space. Let your congress person, and senator know
that the administration's actions are hurting your business and are the
exact opposite of their claims to support industry self regulation
initiatives. If you are Canadian, talk to your federal MP and ask
Industry Canada and the Dept of Foreign Affairs to pressure the White
House to move this forward.

Since ARIN also will serve South Africa and Latin America in it's early
stages, people in those countries could ask their governments to place
some pressure on the American White House.

Unfortunately, even in the USA, the politicians do not realize how fast
the Internet moves and how necessary it is to cut through the bureaucratic
red tabpe in order for it to flourish. And many Internet companies and
individuals have not in the past taken time to get involved in the
political process by educating politicians about the political and
economic realities of the Internet. It's time to change this, IMHO.

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