Information re: Cyberpromo

Martin J. Hannigan hannigan at
Mon Jun 2 20:05:45 UTC 1997

> Martin J. Hannigan put this into my mailbox:

[ snip ]

> Two months with these filters, and no complaints yet.

Was that some wrappered service? Looked like tcp_wrappers.
I think a router with enough memory would be a better performer
for filtering activies at that layer.

I did go ahead and install the relay denial rulesets published on for 8.8.x and they work fine. Cyberpromo appears to 
have been using "Cyberbomber" on our ports. 

I guess I'm naive, but I thought NAPS wanted to stop this kind  
of thing, and most had explicit rules about it. Guess not. Back to
the clue-store with me. :-/


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