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Dalvenjah FoxFire dalvenjah at
Mon Jun 2 18:37:26 UTC 1997

Martin J. Hannigan put this into my mailbox:
> Can someone verify that this is the interface facing cyberpromo
> from AGIS?
> I called AGIS' NOC and they refused to tell me, so I want to make
> sure I'm cutting just them...
> ( 

Well, AGIS appears to be hijacking its own netblocks for CyberPromo, as
it were. I blocked out the CP netblocks, and still got spam from other
netblocks through AGIS. I finally went ahead and blocked this:

# cyberpromo
ALL:    205.199.212. 205.199.4.
# Cyberpromo through IDCI
ALL:,, \,, \,, \,, \,, \,, \,, \, 204.130.243., \

Two months with these filters, and no complaints yet.


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