connectivity outside the US

Alex.Bligh amb at
Sun Jun 1 17:47:32 UTC 1997

> $500M for building a 20G system trans-Atlantic ready foir service Dec 97
> with the next system scheduled for commissioning 12 months down the track
> risky?

AFAIK Gemini is a 48 pair fibre ring. Initially it will be run without
Wave Division Multiplexing, so using the most boring of boring kit that's
48 x 2.4Gb = 115Gb. However it's not too hard these days to get 4.8
Gb down a fibre without WDM, and WDM could give up to a 16x increase
(cable is built for WDM just no point deploying it initially). This
would give 7360Gb. Alledgedly technolody that supports this is "in the labs".

Alex Bligh
Xara Networks

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