connectivity outside the US

Geoff Huston gih at
Sun Jun 1 07:57:38 UTC 1997

$500M for building a 20G system trans-Atlantic ready foir service Dec 97
with the next system scheduled for commissioning 12 months down the track

I think not - its about the best way I know to turn $500M to $1.2B in about
18 months.

At 06:14 PM 31/5/97 -0700, Sean M. Doran wrote:
>On the other hand, that CWI is willing to continue taking large
>risks in developing private submarine cable systems and is able to
>find investment and risk partners bodes well for being able to
>continue terrestrial growth, and maybe alot less well for LEOs and
>similar technologies.  This is good news for people building parts
>of the global Internet.  Of course, a cream-skimming path that's
>being built, so perhaps I overestimate the degree of risk perceived
>by the two Gemini partners...
>	Sean. 

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