What will they think of next?

Steven Eric Rubin ser at internex.net
Thu Jan 30 21:53:01 UTC 1997

I pulled this off of ba.internet, thought you might find this 

Name of poster removed to changed to protect the less enlightend


Hi folks,
Many of you already know me.  I've been around in ba.internet and ba.news
for a long time, and I'm not one to spam.  I've been looking at the
problem of congestion for quite a while now, trying to come up with a
reasonable plan - and I think I have.
For the long answer, see [sorry, Im protecting the guy].  For the short
answer - how about a place where the small ISP can come, locate a
router, and peer with a bunch of other ISPs?  You don't need PI
space, you don't need BGP4, and you don't have a $3000 per month
co-lo bill.  We will peer using OSPF, which almost all routers
support.  This will keep the local traffic local, and allow the
small ISP to actually get a reasonable price for bandwidth to
other local sites.

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