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I thought this message might also be of interest to memebers of this list.

Hello DC-ISOC,

I hope your New Year is off to a good start.

This message contains a couple of requests and a half-day conference
announcement that should be of interest to many of you...

Russ Haynal

Want to go to CommNET ???

CommNET Is a large industry conference and trade show being held NEXT WEEK
in the Washington Convention Center.  If you have never been able to make
it to CommNET, I am happy to provide you with just the excuse/opportunity
you need to attend this great show.

The Internet Society (ISOC) has been given a booth for the show.  ISOC will
provide  someone at all times to manage the booth.  However, the Internet
Society is seeking additional volunteers to help staff the booth.  A Key
responsibility would be to accept new member registrations.  A Secondary
responsibility would be to answer questions and hand-out literature.
"Working the booth" is  a great way to meet many people and share your
knowledge about the Internet/ISOC.

The Convention floor hours are 10-6 on February 4-6.  Volunteers would only
have to work one (or more) 2-4 hour shifts.

Volunteers should be ISOC members, or people who will sign up as
members.  (It doesn't make a lot of sense to have someone in the booth
talking up ISOC and not spending $35 to be a member.)

Anyone interested in volunteering or finding our more details should
contact Mary Burger at the Internet Society Headquarters (703-648-9888).  A
CommNET Booth is a great opportunity for ISOC, please help to make this a

DC-ISOC Meeting Locations...

As always, the DC-ISOC would like to hear any leads you may have on (free)
meeting places in the DC metro region, large enough to hold 200 people.
We were able to hold our last meeting at the Marriot Hotel, thanks to the
costs being absorbed by Network Solutions ( http://www.netsol.com ).  If
your organization is interested in covering the costs of a DC-ISOC meeting,
please contact Russ Haynal (russ at navigators.com or 703-729-1757)  Sponsors
do receive visibility/recognition to the DC-ISOC Membership (Mailing list
includes over 1500 Internet industry participants located mostly in the DC
Metro area)

Conference Announcement....

Digital Dilemmas: Defining Ethics in the Internet Age

The Internet revolution has sparked a fierce debate among the business,
academic, computer, and public policy communities. Today, we are grappling
with complex ethical questions such as
*       Must society ensure that all people have equal access to the Internet?
*       Can we bridge the gap between network haves and have-nots?
*       Can the Internet remain a haven for free expression, discreet
information consumption, and private transactions?
*       Can we strike a balance between individual interests and
commercialism on the Internet?

These new-age questions defy easy answers. They demand new-age solutions.
Take part in the debate. Attend Marymount University's conference,
Digital Dilemmas: Defining Ethics in the Internet Age.

Ethics, Access, and the Internet

This conference is for high-tech companies, consumer advocates, cybernauts,
academicians, and policy makers who are surveying the landscape of ethical
considerations in the Internet Age. Along with the changing structure of
communications within our society, we are faced with ethical dilemmas of
*       Equal access
*       Free speech
*       Intellectual property
*       Privacy
*       Regulation
*       Electronic commerce
Marymount has assembled an impressive cadre of speakers and panelists who
are at the forefront of ethical debate in the Internet Age.
Join us for this half-day conference as we explore the controversial issues
of ethics, access, and the Internet.

Panel One:

Moving Beyond the Wire: Who Gains? Who's Left Behind?

Whose Internet is it, anyway? Popular opinion holds that the Internet is
the great equalizer. No one knows whether you're rich or poor, urban or
rural, young or old. No one knows your gender, race, or education.
The push is on to wire up our schools, homes, and businesses. But what
happens to those who aren't willing or able to get connected? Will they be
left out of future political and social debates? Will they miss out on
economic opportunities? Is the Internet setting up exclusion criteria,
information elites, electronic inequities? What is the impact of the
Internet on our society and our economy? What's the role of government and
the private sector in ensuring equal access?

Panel Two:

Uncharted Waters:  Privacy, Intellectual Property, and the First Amendment

With the unexpected and explosive growth of the Internet, governments,
regulating agencies, and individuals in a position of public trust or
public office have begun to recognize the power of this new communications
medium. In the interest of "protecting" their constituencies, many powerful
interests are getting involved. Recently, the issues of privacy,
intellectual property, and First Amendment rights have come under intense
scrutiny, but precious few legal decisions have charted our course.
Are we adrift in a sea of unresolved legal and ethical quandaries? Is the
Internet headed for the rocks? Will proposed "solutions" render the
Internet powerless? Will free marketers and brash commercialism sail over
the free sharing of information? Should technology influence culture or
vice versa?

Conference Planning Committee:

Chair:  Jack McDonnell, President and CEO, Transaction Network Services, Inc.
        Dan Bannister, President and CEO, DynCorp
        Mario Morino, Chairman, Morino Institute
        Stephen Allis, Director, Government Affairs, KPMG Peat Marwick, LLP
        Robert Sigethy, Dean, School of Business Administration, Marymount
        Paul Byers, Director, Center for Ethical Concerns, Marymount University

Agenda at a Glance

        8:30 -  9:00    Registration
        9:00 -  9:05    Welcome to Marymount
        9:05 -  9:30    Keynote Speaker - Tom Bliley, Chairman, House Commerce
        9:30 -  10:30   Beyond the Wire: Who Gains? Who's Left Behind?
                        Moderator: Brit Hume (Fox News, Chief Washington
                                Correspondent and Managing Editor)
                        Speakers:John Sidgmore, CEO, UUNet, Technologies, Inc.
                                Bill Melton, President and CEO,
                                CyberCash, Inc.
                                Larry Irving, Assistant Secretary for
                                Communications and Information, Department
                                of Commerce (invited)
        10:30 - 10:45   Coffee Break
10:45 - 11:45   Uncharted Waters: Privacy, Intellectual Property, and
                        the First Amendment
                        Moderator:Paul Byers (Director, Center for Ethical
                                Concerns, Marymount University)
                        Speakers:Don Heath, President, Internet Society
                                Guest, Freedom Forum
                                Harry Litman, Deputy Assistant Attorney General,
                                Department of Justice
12:00 - 1:00    Luncheon
                        Speaker:Tom Kalil, Senior Director to the National
                                Economic Council

Note: Schedules are subject to change. For the latest information, visit
our Web site at http://www.marymount.edu

Roads to Marymount University

>From north of Washington, D.C.:
Take Interstate Rt. 95-South to 495-West to Exit 14 (George Washington
Parkway-South) to Rt. 123-North (Chain Bridge Road). Follow to traffic
light at end of road. Turn right onto Glebe Road (Rt. 120-South) and follow
for 2.5 miles. Marymount is on the left.
>From south of Washington, D.C.:
Take Interstate Rt. 95-North, which becomes 395 inside the Beltway. Exit
Glebe Road (Rt. 120-North), marked "Marymount University." Continue on
Glebe Road 6 miles. Marymount is on the right.
>From Rt. 66 (either direction):
Exit Glebe Road (Rt. 120-North). Drive 1 mile. Marymount is on the right.
If you or any of your guests require special consideration because of
physical disabilities, please notify the Office of Campus Safety at (703)
284-1601 at least 48 hours prior to your visit.

Sponsored by Marymount University's School of Business Administration and
Center for Ethical Concerns

Marymount University - Located in Arlington, Virginia, Marymount is an
independent, comprehensive, Catholic university offering programs to more
than 4,000 men and women at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Marymount strives to foster the intellectual, moral, spiritual, social,
cultural, and physical development of each student through an education
that combines the liberal arts tradition with career preparation.

Center for Ethical Concerns - One of the hallmarks of Marymount University
is its commitment to providing a values-based education. The Center for
Ethical Concerns was founded in 1993 to provide a forum for the exchange of
ideas about ethical issues and problems. Through lectures, seminars,
workshops, and symposia, the Center offers students, faculty, and the
public opportunities to examine ethical concerns facing society.

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Register Today

Digital Dilemmas: Defining Ethics in the Internet Age

March 12, 1997, 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Marymount University, Arlington, Virginia
To register, complete this coupon (please print or type) and fax it to
Marymount University at (703) 284-1544. Or register via the World Wide Web
at http://www.marymount.edu after January 31.

o  Yes, sign me up for the conference
CITY            STATE   ZIP
FAX             E-MAIL
Please indicate payment method:
Charge my:   o Visa   o MasterCard
Card #      Exp. date __________
Signature __________________________________________________

o Check enclosed

Make checks payable to Marymount University.
Send this form to:      Marymount University
                        c/o Barbara Favola
                        Office of the President
                        2807 North Glebe Road
                        Arlington, VA  22207-4299

Registration fees:    o $100      o $45 - students (must show ID)
Register early; seating is limited. All registrations must be received by
March 5. No refunds provided for cancellations after March 1. However, your
registration may be transferred to another individual if you cannot attend.

      Russ Haynal - Internet Consultant, Instructor, Speaker
 "Helping organizations gain the most benefit from the Internet"
russ at navigators.com     http://www.navigators.com     703-729-1757
Author:"Internet; A Knowledge Odyssey" (Top-rated CD-ROM Tutorial)
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