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Push's treatise on compelling content and content distribution was well
thought and well presented.

It may take some time to convince organizations that spend as much time at
putting ink on paper and paper on driveways or shelves as they do in
generating the content itself, that there is no place for content creators
to participate in the distribution system.

Of course, this presupposes the development of a real Web data
architecture, as HTTP 1.1 evidences a direction. And it assumes that ISPs
will follow through and create adequate business models to allow compelling
content creators to buy distribution services easily and naturally. Push
shows he, for one, has been thinking about how to do this.

As an example, let us suppose that the NFL offers the ISP community a deal
on carrying SuperBowl XXXII content. The SuperBowl is a good example
(perhaps one of the best) of the web flash crowd phenomenon. But with the
right upfront work whereby the NFL offers its terms and conditions for
replication (for a fee) or caching (as a performance improvement), ISPs can
sign on to carry the program.

The NFL might offer ISPs a percentage of transactions if the ISPs carry the
SuperBowl shopping cart. The NFL might offer the ISP a piece of the
advertising space in exchange for carrying non-transaction content. The NFL
might also offer terms and conditions, as for example, web hit stats for
any ISP that wishes to cache certain SuperBowl content without remuneration.

It's not too hard to envision that ISPs might eventually make money on
content aggregation and delivery services and that many compelling content
companies will be glad not to have to worry about the distribution channels.

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