It Continues...Sprint Is played the fool...

John Bashinski jbash at
Tue Jan 7 06:22:12 UTC 1997

>  - the service provider must have a written and enforcable policy
>    prohibiting any of its customers from sending any traffic to
>    recipients that have not requested the traffic -- including (but not
>    limited to) the sending of off-topic or unsolicited mail messages to
>    mailing list exploders, subsets of mailing list registrants, news
>    groups, and posters to news groups (termed "mail spamming").  The
>    requirement for a response to any such unsolicited message to prevent
>    future messages is unacceptable.

Um, wouldn't this very message I'm typing right this second be prohibited
under the sort of policy you suggest? Is that really what you want to do?

					-- John B.

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