quick update #2 (Sprint continues to defend network terrorism)

Peter Murray pem at po.cwru.edu
Mon Jan 6 14:46:53 UTC 1997

On Sat, 4 Jan 1997, Barry Shein wrote:
> Just got off the phone with Sprint Security again, they absolutely
> refuse to stop the continuing (as of 15:40 EST Sat 1/4/97) mail
> bombing / mail loop of world.std.com from iq-internet.com, about 1,000
> msgs today so far, well into the third full day of this.

Please pardon a lurker for jumping in for a moment, but this whole thing
seems blown out of proportion.  Your message, sent about 4:00pm, said you
received 1,000 messages so far in that day.  4:00pm is 16 hours, or 960
minutes into the day.  So, on the average, you received one message a minute
(correct?).  Unless these are very large messages, it hardly seems worth the
discussion here.  I'm not even sure if falls into the category of "mail
bombing" or "terrorism"; "mail loop" and "ignorance", perhaps... 

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