quick update #2 (Sprint continues to defend network terrorism)

Michael Dillon michael at memra.com
Sat Jan 4 22:11:00 UTC 1997

On Sat, 4 Jan 1997, Barry Shein wrote:

> Understand: Sprint absolutely refuses to put ONE route block into
> their router at iq-internet.com between them and std.com.

Last night I asked you if you were a Sprint customer. You haven't answered
that question. In any case Sprint is 100% right in not placing a filter
into their router at iq-internet.com. If you want a filter because your
bandwidth is suffering, then ask *YOUR* provider to put the filter in
their router at the port to *YOUR* connection.

> Actually, the tone of the person I just spoke to at Sprint just now
> indicated to me they, meaning the individuals within Sprint security,
> may be now allowing this to go on purposely because they're now (since
> they're impotent to do anything about all this)

They certainly are not impotent. Sprint has an abuse policy that states
that a customer *MUST* not continue to send email when asked to stop. They
have recently cut off a spam haven in Seattle when presented with clear
evidence that this policy was being violated. And iq-internet.com *IS*
violating Sprint's policy. I asked to be removed following their
instructions but since that time I've gotten two more spams.

> Sprint has now abandoned all rights or claims to be treated as
> reasonable people or fairly, they've had three days to assert their
> responsibility, others will now have to take responsibility for their
> absolutely reckless behavior.

You are the one who is being unreasonable. So far you are telling us that
an automated process on your machine and an automated process at
iq-internet.com are stuck in an email loop. I've asked you if you have any
evidence that this flood is NOT being caused by your bounceback. Others
have suggested that you blackhole the site in your router. And you have
ben told how to subscribe to an automated spam blocking service via OSPF
from http://www.vix.com/spam

The question is, why aren't you doing something more than complain to us.
If you are going to bring up the matter here, then we need some cold hard
facts of a technical nature. Not emotional outbursts about how Sprint
won't do what you want. We can't change Sprint's mind for you.

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