Sprint Mailbombing Update 3PM EST

JDF lart at cais.net
Sun Jan 5 16:57:20 UTC 1997

On Sat, 4 Jan 1997, Randy Bush wrote:

> Well, it's not really an Ops problem.  Ops folk worry about packets and
> stuff like that, not social and legal issues such as this.  Within
> organizations such as Sprint, they're usually not empowered to take the
> kinds of actions you want.

	I hate to continue this argument (perhaps we should all move it
over to isp-admin-list at aol.com, which is a good place for real admin types
to discuss these types of issues), but I have to disagree -- just as with
a standard pingflood, the intent is irrelevant, the flood must be stopped. 
A very good case could be made that isp-inter.net is slowly packetflooding
world.std.com on port 25. 

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