Specific mailbombing threat (was Sprint, etc.)

Howard C. Berkowitz hcb at clark.net
Sun Jan 5 18:19:32 UTC 1997

At 11:57 AM -0500 1/5/97, JDF (J.D. Falk) wrote:
>On Sat, 4 Jan 1997, Randy Bush wrote:
>> Well, it's not really an Ops problem.  Ops folk worry about packets and
>> stuff like that, not social and legal issues such as this.  Within
>> organizations such as Sprint, they're usually not empowered to take the
>> kinds of actions you want.
>	I hate to continue this argument (perhaps we should all move it
>over to isp-admin-list at aol.com, which is a good place for real admin types
>to discuss these types of issues), but I have to disagree -- just as with
>a standard pingflood, the intent is irrelevant, the flood must be stopped.
>A very good case could be made that isp-inter.net is slowly packetflooding
>world.std.com on port 25.

I don't want, either, to get into the ethics of spam or carrier
responsibilities.  Traffic and congestion issues, however, are another
matter.  I received yet another cyberpromo spam this morning, that contains
a specific threat of retaliatory mailbombing -- IF CYBERPROMO'S _SOFTWARE_
decides a response is a flame.

I've not included message headers and such to avoid making this a spam
issue, althought I would note there is a bogus source, and headers make it
appear it is being relayed through ibm.net.

Think about it if this cyberpromo threat is real.  What if several people
respond with flames?  What is the potential for congestion if this


quoted from cyberpromo

To keep up with the respect of internet users who wish their names removed
from Noci Marketing's emailing list, simply mail to: noci at cyberpromo.com
and type "remove" in the subject field or message body. It's that simple.
NOTE TO FLAMERS:DON'T DO IT! We will comply with and respect all REMOVE
requests, but if we are flamed we will (a) FLAME YOU 1000 times as much
(b)email to 3 million people a questionable item with your return email
address. We want respect
as much as anyone else, so if you give it, you shall receive it.

ADDITIONAL INFO ON FABAO????-- (AOL MEMBERS... go to keyword: preferredmail
and turn off preferred mail or AOL will block the answer to your question
and it will not go through) SEND QUESTIONS TO noci at cyberpromo.com-put "PDG"
in subject header, and ask away in the message body. Your message will be
forwarded to Cybergen Health, but will be filtered for questionable content
and size(max. 5K), and if it does not comply with our acceptable usage, our
software will IMMEDIATELY and AUTOMATICALLY proceed to implement the
remedies described above.


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